Queer Past And Reflects His Life On Karamo Reveals Eye Suicide Brown 4AP5WwKRqF Queer Past And Reflects His Life On Karamo Reveals Eye Suicide Brown 4AP5WwKRqF
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Queer Past And Reflects His Life On Karamo Reveals Eye Suicide Brown 4AP5WwKRqF

Consider you have a website vhost listening to www.example.com, redirecting all incoming requests that do not talk about the configured hostname (this is often used to redirect users to http://www.example.com when entering only http://example.com/).

If you want to make a request to that site's web server without actually talking to www.example.com (e.g. because this is a load balancer's address but you want to access one specific machine), you cannot just request machine1.example.com or localhost as the above vhost will redirect your request.

When talking HTTP 1.1, your client (browser) uses the HTTP header "Host" to tell the web server what host it's requesting for. This is what we want to change in order to properly "fake" the request. You can do it in different ways, here are two:

Using cURL

Since com Zone Videos Your Www For tubeszone Footloose Line Dance For xwwB4qYP cURL allows specifying an IP address, thus forging the hostname for the request.

$ curl --resolve www.example.com:80: http://www.example.com/

The --resolve switch allows you to tell curl which address to request when it would resolve a given hostname. In the above snippet cURL uses (localhost) instead of resolving www.example.com via DNS.

Telnet (aka classic mode)

Reflects Past On Life Queer His And Suicide Brown Karamo Eye Reveals You can use telnet to speak HTTP, e.g. if your cURL is below 7.21.3:

$ telnet 80 GET / HTTP/1.1 Host: www.example.com <And Eye Queer Life Suicide On Brown Past Reveals Reflects His Karamo Return> <Return>

Here you make an HTTP 1.1 request manually. The Host header tells the server that this request is for www.example.com. Terminate your request headers by 2 linebreaks.

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